Why CB Was Conspicuously Absent at AFRIMA

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Austin-fair Nwaulu

Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa. Charly Boy, yes. You may never see the showbiz guru and activist at any edition of the All Africa Music Awards [AFRIMA] which clocked seven last week. And you may even wonder if his presence would matter.

It matters because people expect CB to be visible there and at least present one of the awards. Back in the days when CB was the PMAN president, he and Mike Dada, AFRIMA boss, used to be an item. It’s just that along the line, the cookie crumbled and reduced the relationship to ‘boss and staff’. Cuffs were even applied then.

You know that in Africa, once there’s such a love lost, the center hardly holds again. I think I have solved the ’puzzle’? So, don’t ask me again.


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