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Nicole Coune’s Geometric Rise In The Gospel Music Ministry

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Nicole Coune

Nicole Coune’s journey through life has been a remarkable one, marked by an unwavering faith and a passionate commitment to her calling. Born with a love for music and storytelling, her story took a profound turn at the tender age of 16 when she encountered Christianity. This encounter sparked a fire within her, leading her to discover her incredible talent for singing and songwriting, which became a means to express her newfound faith and devotion.

At 25, during a Reinhard Bonke crusade in the heart of Africa, London-based South African Nicole experienced a life-altering moment. It was here that she recommitted her life to Christ, an event that would shape the course of her life forever. Her faith deepened, and she embraced a purpose-driven life, eager to share the love and message of Jesus with the world.

Nicole is not just a talented musician and songwriter; she is also a versatile entrepreneur with a degree in Business Management. Her educational background equips her with the knowledge and skills to navigate the business world, but her heart remains rooted in her Christian values and ministries.

With two full albums and three singles enjoying rotation on air, Nicole’s active involvement in Christian Evangelism is a testament to her unwavering dedication. Her passion lies in reaching out to the lost and guiding them towards a life enriched by faith in Jesus. Through missionary work, church programs, and community outreach, she tirelessly works to make a positive impact.

Beyond her musical and entrepreneurial endeavors, Nicole is an experienced marriage counselor. She understands the importance of strong, thriving relationships and offers guidance and support to couples seeking to strengthen their bonds.

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