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Nigeria @59: What Are We Celebrating? Queries Pastor Oloye

by Newstimesafrica

Senior Pastor, Precious Cornerstone Ministries Incorporated, Ejigbo Lagos is angry at the moment. His reason being that he does not see any reason why Nigeria as a country should be celebrated at 59.

In a chat, he maintained that the country is not worth celebrating as what it takes to celebrate are lacking.


The Kogi State born pastor whose church is popularly known as ‘Eagles Assembly’ blasted thus: “Nigeria at 59 does not worth celebrating at all. It is a very sad development to discover that an adult at 59 is still crawling. I remembered some years, Nigeria as a country accommodated some certain countries like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Brazil, etc, but today those countries have left us behind, what are we celebrating? Are we celebrating Corruption? Are we celebrating Poverty? Are we celebrating high rate of unemployment? Our leaders do not have regards for citizens, some leaders abuse the privileges of their office, so, what are we celebrating?


Years back, many countries in Africa looks up to Nigeria but now Nigeria is struggling and scavenging for survival in those countries. Years back in 1970s in the days of my secondary school when some Ghanians were sent packing as what was dubbed, “Ghana Must Go” but today Nigerians struggle to go to Ghana. I remembered also before South Africa gained Independence, some of their students back then were brought to Nigeria for scholarships during Obasanjo regime in 1976-1979, but today, many Nigerians struggle to go to South Africa for survival. What are we celebrating?”

Continuing he said: “The only thing in my own opinion that is worth celebrating is the life that we live, we give glory to God, but as far as am concerned, the deplorable state of our roads, epileptic power supply, insensitive leaders have made us to be where we are as a nation. Years back Nigeria Airways had more flights in their aircraft more than what the Dubai had, but today Dubai is the hope of tourism, many Nigerians go to Dubai, buy houses and even preferred to live there.

Certain leaders of some countries come up to rebuild a desert and turned it to golden land; what are we celebrating? When many people are struggling for survival, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; when our institutions are inequities; when many Nigerian professionals are rushing out to other countries for survival, for greener pastures, What are we celebrating? With the high rate of insecurity, no safety for life and property, the rate of crime is on the increase, cultism is on the increase, the rate of rape is on the increase, What are we celebrating?


“In those days, our old national anthem says’ Nigeria we hail thee our own dear native land, though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand’ but today Nigeria is a divided country on the part of religious and on the part of tribe. There is serious division within the country. In those days it was United, we were not bothered about where you came from in those days. Merit was the order of the day and the country was being built solidly but now tribalism has taken over, nepotism has taken over, religiosity has taken over. 59 years down the line is a sad and sorry state, what are we celebrating?

In my own opinion, the way forward concerning this country is just to pray that God should touch the heart of the leaders at every regime, it’s not just about a particular leader, as if there is a curse in this nation, when people get there they misbehave, they do other things that are so insensitive to the people that they are leading.”


However, he preferred solution to the Nigerian problem.

He adviced thus: “The way forward is for us to pray. As a preacher, I believe so much in prayer. On Tuesday October 1st, we gathered the church together using the National Flag as a point of contact and we prayed for Nigeria for God divine intervention, the Bible says in the affairs of men Heaven rules. We prayed that the Lord will take the affairs of Nigeria and establish His will in this country. Regardless of what you suggest, our leaders are insensitive, they are not even bothered about what is happening, so how can they put all these things in place?


“My prayer is that God will rule in this nation and will take over the affairs of this nation and send his own to rescue Nigeria.

Look at Rwanda, years back was a war-torn country but because they have a formidable leader, today the story of Rwanda has changed. They have Rwanda Airlines but ours we called it Nigeria Air wastes. Go to Airport of some countries in Africa, in Accra, in South Africa, you will weep for Nigeria, with abundance human resources, natural resources yet we are where we are.

The way forward is for God to touch the heart of the leaders to rule in the fear of God and adequately utilize God’s given resources for the betterment of all and sundry.”



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