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Nigerians In America Angry With Davido Over Anita’s Alleged Pregnancy

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Of all the sins of music superstar, David Adeleke aka Davido regarding his philandering lifestyle, the latest one by American business woman Anita Brown claiming to be pregnant with the singer’s child has drawn the ire of many Nigerians living abroad especially in America.

Their anger is not so much that Davido allegedly got the lady also known as Ninatheelite pregnant but that she is a high class ‘escort’ and a pornstar on top of which if proven that she is pregnant for the singer, then Davido would be paying child support for the next 18 years. That is aside the fact that she may not even cater for the child and may likely get pregnant for other men as having kids in America is a booming venture. They also called out his teams accusing them of only enjoying the singer’s wealth and not concerned about his wellbeing.

Visibly angry Ella from Texas says: “ I live here and I know what happens here. We are very angry with this Davido of a guy. Is he that classless that he sleeps with anything that comes his way? If it were an African woman , we may understand but akata woman is a no, no. Women that Nigerian men avoid is the one Davido went to impregnate? I tell you, he will pay child support for 18 years. She will live off his child support. Akata women will give birth to six to eight or more men. They will smoke , have sex, abandone those kids and the next thing is to steal, sell drugs or get jailed. I just pity him.”

Another angry Nigerian American, Pat Umoh blurted: “Can’t you see that she is shameless, removing her pants on social media to prove she is pregnant? If it is an African woman , she would try and raise the child but these ones? What about his so called team? What impact do they even have in the life of Davido other than to enjoy his wealth? Can’t they advise him? His manager said that he is not educated , so no advice from him. What about his lawyer?  We are not happy at all!”


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