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Okoroji Joins Awurum To Blast Bobrisky

by Newstimesafrica

Top filmmaker, Chima Okoroji has added his voice in support of comic actor Charles Awurum who vilified producers who gave role to Bobrisky.


In a video that went viral, Awurum rained curses on both Bobrisky and producers who are giving him roles alleging that he is gradually introducing homosexuality into the industry which is an act forbidden in the country.
Okoroji who agreed with Awurum said: “This is total rubbish. It is an indication that we don’t know what we are doing. What kind of thing is that? What do you want to project in such movies? What would people learn? Things like that should be discouraged. Despite the fact that Nollywood is seen as an all comers-affair, we are seriously averse to stuff like this. We don’t know whether he is a she or both? But I assure you, we will resist it. It will not stand. We will not take that. I am just being polite here, I know what I would have said if this chat is not for public consumption.”

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