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Opinion: The Sweet Songs From Lagos And Delta States

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By Austin Fair-Nwaulu

It is really just unfortunate that someone nay, a group of people, for nothing else than selfish and wicked reasons, tried and succeded in terminating the sweet melodies of the first, Gov Ambode halfway. But one must thank God that he still achieved more than some of his contemporaries…

Yes, Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, who is days away from the Alausa Governent House outside his will, did marvellously well with the baton as the state’s chief executive while it lasted. And the evidences are there. For sure, nobody will dare one to provide the list of his achievements even if such a person lives in the moon.

Ambode’s name and personality alone radiates confidence and hope. And even as the forces of darkness had their way eventually, these qualities remain in the blood. They’re indelible. The bone shall rise again no doubt. The conspirators have failed already and the people are ever ready to march along the streets with him, even at a higher level.

Now, let’s bring in his counterpart in Delta State who is equally good and maybe luckier. The dark forces who often forget that everything, especially life is transient, didn’t go that far in his case. They were not as shameless and selfish. He torpedoed them anyway. So he’s back on the block.

Like the first, Senator [Dr] Ifeanyi Okowa is an achiever and as he took his second oath of office, more grace and success beckon on him as a focused mind. He shall not fail.

Although I’ve not visited Delta state since he started the silent revolution which has led to the joy of everybody, I have heard and seen enough of his achievements. ‘Sweet Songs’ I must confess.

With such an outstanding record, therefore, there is no sane ‘’god father’’ that could have dared to snatch the boat from him except the usual opposition noisemakers who were instantly checkmated and shown the way out.

Like my friend and colleague, Augustine Avwode rightly captured it,  recently, “Okowa has given a good account of himself as the governor of Delta State in the last four years.’’

Although he has no option in his assessment (as an insider), no dissenting voice has been heard even from the so-called opposition against that. And that was not all. “Okowa has not only demonstrated abundance of competence, character and capacity,’’ which he described as the three Cs aii good and great leaders should have, “he has added the fourth – compassion’ which together with the first three, makes him one of the best,’’he added.

Okowa has always proved to be a man of the people and perfect gentleman right from time. During the last PDP’s National Convention in Port Harcourt, to which he was the Chairman, the event was so well organized that till date, it is rated as one of the best in this part of the divide.

Of course Deltans are happy with him as he continues from where he stopped. There is no gainsaying the fact that he is bound to do more for all and sundry.

As for Akinwumi Ambode, the ‘retired’ but not tired outgone Lagos helmsman, God has already blessed and given him the grace in such a way that he would always excel wherever he goes henceforth…

Right now, what Nigerians want to hear is not about the -monotonous looting or money laundry media trial of people by the present administration at the national level. What they want are basic amenities which Ambode and Okowa have been providing.

These are men to emulate so that the sweet songs can reach everywhere.  And nobody can stop them except God.


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