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PLAY2SCORE: Footballers In Nigeria To Enjoy International Exposure Via New Mobile App

by Newstimesafrica

One of the most critical ambitions of every football player is to play on the global stage and also have a European club to play. This has been a tedious and herculean process for indigenous football players in the country. having seen this gap, a Nigerian based in Frankfurt, Germany recent launched a mobile app to assist footballers to have the desired exposures needed. Known as ‘Play2Score” mobile app which can be downloaded in various mobile stores like Android and Apple.

Speaking during the unveiling, Henry Isaac, the developer of Play2Score mobile app said “As FIFA certified agent, whenever I come to Nigeria, I always see very talented chaps that are good in the game of football. These kids need the desired exposure in Europe, I am just a man that have limitations. I can only help the few that I can. This was one of the core reasons that made me develop this mobile app.”

He added that “a lot of those that are interested to play in Europe have been cheated out of their money by these fraudulent people that parade as agent. With this app, you have been able to bypass these fraudulent agents. This will help the players save money. It is just only a download away on their mobile phones.”

The mobile app has been lauded by football lovers, players and coaches especially in Europe, described as one of its kind in Africa. With no subscription fees and charges, the developers have described the project as a way of giving back to the society.

Play2score is a registered football organization with a mission to create more realistic connections between football players and top European football profiles across Africa. There are talented football players on the streets, in the markets, in our schools, in our society, and in native homes, talented enough to play for popular European football teams and become successful.

As far as injecting new and fresh blood into the game of global football is concerned, with Play2score, reaching out to the target players, including all other logistics in recruiting, organizing, and dispatching them across various teams will no longer be a hassle.

One of the advantages of the mobile app is connection. It connects the local players with other football profiles. There’s nothing better than connecting with top football players/profiles. Grow your connections and increase your chances. Also Sharing of   great moments. You can share your great football moments and skills with your connections and the whole community. Who knows? You might just get a life-changing message in the next few hours. Finally, You can discover more. Discover more with football groups and forums and never miss out on important notices.

“Play2score Football Community is all about football. It connects talented football players, clubs, academies, scouts, sports directors, journalists, parents/guardians, etc. to share great football moments and provide support for players. As a football player, Play2score Football Community is where you go to let the world know how good of a player you are and to draw the attention you need to ascend”, Henry concluded.

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