Without Transparency, There Will Not Be Progress – Agbaje


Jimi Agbaje, the Peoples’ Democratic Party’s governorship candidate in Lagos State, has emphasized the fact that without transparency, there will not be progress.

The PDP candidate who is not under any illusion about the absence of transparency and due process in government business in Lagos State warned that until the culture of transparency is imbibed, the quest for progress will remain a tall dream.

He therefore called on Lagosians to ask questions and to also demand answers about the state’s resources and revenue as well as how they are deployed to areas of need because it is there right to do so.

“Progress cannot come without transparency. If there is no transparency, there cannot be commitment and significant improvement in the lives of the overwhelming majority of our people.

“The absence of transparency has given room to unprecedented increase in the corrupt enrichment of a few people while undermining and subjecting the vast majority of our people to abject poverty.

“In running Lagos State, I will be transparent; I will equally not make the approval of projects subject to personal gain or gratification. And I shall not practice nepotism.

“In order to further ensure transparency in my government, I am committing to Freedom of Information Bill and domestication the Freedom of Information Act, 2011,” he said.


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