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Pomp As JJC Skillz Unveils Afristar Media

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Abdulrasheed Bello popularly known as JJCSkilz has onece again proved his mettle with his latest effort, he christened, Afristar Media.

According to him, Bello who unveiled this platform during the week said that Aristar is a platform that is created to showcase talents, products, and services, apart from the obvious of creating contents.

“Afristar we also have CSR campaign of projects that we’re doing, where we are going neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, stars, across the whole nation and the whole world to Showcase African stars that’s basically what Afristar is all about and it cuts goes across all fields from acting to singing and obviously content companies. My life has always been about music and videos and if I’m not performing as an artist on stage, I’m behind the scene as a director shooting music videos or movies. That’s my passion and I have decided to combine all of it together and create a platform that showcases all of that.Like I verified in the video I am not a record label  company and not at anytime, Afristar is not designed to sign anybody because we want to make it a platform that many people can use as a stepping stone to go higher.”

He added that there is an Afristar App which can be used to access artists of ones choice. It also has the Linkedin type of feel where anyone can log in, create a profile, upload unlimited number of videos and photos and even apply for a job.

He further revealed that he already has up to 15,000 subscribers with about 7,000 actors at his beck and call.


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