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Premier Music Teams Up With Vybz FM And Revo+ To Illuminate Global Audiences With African Creative Brilliance

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In a remarkable stride towards amplifying the reach of African creativity, Premier Records Limited, Vybz FM, and Revo+, the innovative Nollywood content streaming platform, have announced a robust commitment to a collaborative endeavor that promises to reshape the global entertainment landscape.

This strategic partnership stands as a testament to the transformative potential of technology in the realm of entertainment. Murphy Anawana, the visionary CEO of Murphy Ben International, the parent company of both Vybz FM and Revo+, said: “This partnership signifies the unparalleled capabilities of technology. Our mission is to transcend boundaries and present the brilliance of African creativity on the global stage.”

Michael Odiong, General Manager, Premier Records Limited posits that the collaboration is meant to reposition Nigeria’s creative heritage using technology to restructure content consumption and create a vybe for the future. Odiong believes that the large repertoire vested on the label is an evidence of Nigeria’s creative power the world is yet to see.

General Manager, Vybz 94.5 FM Mark Redguard, hails the efforts of Vybz FM and Revo+ as a celebration of African creativity at its core. “This collaboration amplifies these voices, offering artists and filmmakers an expansive platform to showcase their talents on a global scale,” Redguard affirms.

Vybz FM, known for its pioneering approach to showcasing Afrobeats music and its dedication to empowering women in the industry, has already captured the hearts of over 1 million listeners in Lagos. Within its first eight months of operation, the station has garnered Over 400,000 live streams. With an unwavering commitment to “More Music, Less Talk,” Vybz FM’s influence continues to grow.

Premier Records Limited is the label with the largest music repertoire arguably in West Africa with a wide range of music from different genres like Highlife, Apala, Gospel, Pop, Reggae, Folk songs, Juju, Fuji, and traditional songs.

The parent company, Murphy Ben International, has demonstrated its commitment to reinventing radio and leveraging technology for global reach. Vybz FM’s remarkable growth, with an impressive market share of 11%, showcases the efficacy of this approach. Mark concludes on the global heights of media innovations “As we gaze into the future, these sister companies become the storytellers of a generation, using the power of digital disruption to amplify the voices of African artists and filmmakers. Together, they’re shaping an extraordinary narrative that transcends borders and connects hearts, reminding us that in the language of music and movies, we find a universal bond that uplifts and unites us all.”


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