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SAIRTEL Launches Novel Internet Solutions For Nigerians

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Sairtel, a new Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the Nigerian internet/broadband space is bringing to the fore a superfast and truly unlimited internet at a very reasonable rate. Leveraging on satellite technology, the company is making Nigerians understand that superfast internet can be accessed from any part of the country thereby solving the challenges that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISP) face over last mile and right of way (RoW).

In the media chat and the brand unveiling ceremony, Sairtel  promised to bring in disruptive technologies that would revolutionize the internet/broadband ecosystem. This technology has been described as trouble-free satellite with one of the best footprints in the sub-Saharan Africa. Also offering subscribers options such as free migration and equipment. The company has also made it known subscribers of other satellite services or extinct satellite companies can still use their existing equipment to access or migrate to Sairtel services thereby reducing the burden of purchasing new equipment. For schools and people living in clusters like estates and layouts, the company promised free equipment.

Deploying high performance and affordable and best quality of unlimited internet connectivity in the country, Salvation Alibor, the Chief Executive Officer of Sairtel Nigeria said, “one of our unique go to market approach is that out internet service is satellite based and has coverage in all parts of the country especially the North East where many ISPs and MNOs have abandoned or are offering a very epileptic service. Ours is to fill in these gaps that those in those places that have challenge with topography. Our solution comes with unlimited downloads, no data cap, no throttling and no FAP token required. These have set us apart from our peers in the industry. With us, you do not need to worry when watching Netflix or YouTube videos.”

“Our philosophy is internet access anytime anywhere unrestricted, whenever and wherever. Whatever you want to use internet for, be it for study, entertainment or education, the internet should work for us, this is what we strongly believe in.  Sairtel satellite internet solution is all about affordability, reliability and accessibility. We believe that even if you are in the remotest parts of such far states like Sokoto, or impossible terrains like the Mambila plateau, in crisis areas like Borno, Katsina, Zamfara states or even in hitherto remote and unreached Nigerian borders you should have unrestricted and superfast internet service. We are changing the narrative of fast internet only located in city centers, we are changing this narrative with our robust internet solution and that is what we are introducing to Nigerians today “, Alibor added.

Our solution is based on Kae Band satellite integrating others in partnership with global industry leaders like Hughes, YahSat and Avanti. We just want people to have access to not only internet but superfast unlimited internet broadband everywhere, anywhere. We are the true definition of unlimited internet that is truly unlimited. We are bringing to bare a support service that is unrivalled in the country so that Nigerians will never have issues with downtime. With technical personnel presently in 27 states and Abuja included, we are well equipped for your on-site need any time of the day” Salvation Alibor concluded.




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