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Top 10 Achievements Of Desmond Elliot

by Newstimesafrica

Hon. Desmond Elliott is an acknowledged achiever but it is credit to his ability to collaborate.


He has demonstrated uncanny leadership and has made immense impact in Surulere Constituency 1.

He achievements are numerous, his impact contagious.


Here are the Top 10 Achievements of Desmond Elliott:


  1.  Desmond Elliott is a firm supporter of the creative industry in Nigeria. Working with industry associations, he facilitates free training sessions and provided opportunities for upcoming actors and filmmakers.


  1. Refurbished a primary school, Itolo Girls, in his constituency, Surulere, Lagos State and supports mentorship programs.

  1. Facilitated the installation of, 300kva and 500kva, electricity transformers in several communities in his constituency.


  1. Facilitated the supply of pre-paid meters to constituents.


  1. Organized several youth empowerment programs, including skills acquisition and entrepreneurship training.


  1. Facilitated the free registration of over 1500 businesses of Surulere Residents with the CAC.

  1. Facilitated the construction and rehabilitation of several roads in his constituency.


  1. Provided support for health care delivery in his constituency, including the provision of medical equipment and the renovation of health care facilities – about 1000 residents have benefited from the free medical health insurance coverage.


  1. Involved in environmental conservation efforts in his constituency, including tree planting and waste management initiatives and prompt clearing of canals and major drainages in the constituency.

  1. Donation of Free-Ride-to School bus to Surulere constituency 1

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