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TSCO-TJTEK Software To Launch Nigeria’s First Indigenous Antivirus Software Soon

by Newstimesafrica

Tom Jones

In a constantly digitizing world with a lot of breaches and security risks, online protections become imminent and imperative, this has necessitated many organizations to invest heavily on antivirus software, these types of software counter these security breaches. In Nigeria today, almost all the antivirus in the market are foreign with no indigenous antivirus in the market, having seen the level of foreign exchange lost and capital flight on these antivirus software with runs in millions, an indigenous information technology (IT) firm located in Lekki – Ajah axis of Lagos known as TSCO-TJTEK SOFTWARE has build the first indigenous software in the country and set to unveil it this month of May. These moves have been lauded by industry watchers and stakeholders as the right move in proper direction.

Speaking on the antivirus solution, Tom Jones, the Chief Executive officer of TSCO-TJTEK SOFTWARE said that “We have been on the Anti-Virus Software development for about 7 years now, and now we have formally incorporated a Company for it TJTEK ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE MAKERS to separate its affairs and development from our usual software development business. The Nigerian antivirus software market is dominated wholly by foreign products. Ours is to find ways to start changing the narrative and bringing our indigenous solutions to the fore. We have also observed the capital flight that occurs as a result of buying this software, we want to make the desired impact in the market. ”

“The software is basically designed for optimum safety online. It protects the digital assets of organisations. We will be bringing the mobile version that can be downloaded via Playstore for mobile phones. We will be bringing to the market robust features of this antivirus on our launch day sometime this month of May”

Jones also said that apart from the antivirus solution that TSCO-TJTEK SOFTWARE has made tremendous impact in the education sector of the country by building solutions that will aid many subjects such as law, accounting and others.  The company recently partnered with Nigerian Law School management to unbundle legal studies in a simple software and also with Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) to bring accounting, book keeping and other forms of record keeping subjects to speed by making them available in a software. Jones also talked about their deployment in one of the Nigerian foremost universities, University of Lagos to aid students with their lectures.

Jones opined that “We visited UniLag and introduced our Proprietary software for Law Students and it was given an LPO for large supply. We basically want to make learning easier for Nigerian law students that was why we developed such a solution for them and what we have seen the acceptance is encouraging. It  has shown that the students are very open to new ways of doing things. The law solutions for students made it easier for students to learn, research their legal reports, case studies etc.”

He added on the issue of making accounting easier that “Organizations and Tertiary institutions including Polytechnics down to secondary schools have widely accepted it, as we have the best solutions to easiest way to pass ICAN Exams. We as an IT firm is constantly asking critical questions on how we can improve the lots of the society especially the Nigerian students. the ICAN solution looked at accounting, accountancy and booking keeping as a subject. We made learning these courses easier for students from secondary school where these courses are offered all the way to tertiary institution be it Universities or Polytechnics, we all covered all the areas of accounting to professional level which is ICAN (Institute of Charted Accountants of Nigeria) and the professional body is impressed with this software.”

On Nigerian Law School solution, Jones quipped that “Nigerian Law School CBT Software is a software for those that practice of Law School and Call to Bar Exams in Nigeria. This product is best for Law school students aspiring to pass the Bar part 1 AND THE Bar part 2 exams It is also great for university students studying and preparing to pass the Bar final exams. It is designed to make learning easier for future lawyers.”

The company highlighted other of their solutions from banking software to card solutions. Jones concluded that “Our Banking Software Built for Banks and other financial Institutions are great deal for our clients benefiting from the source as it helps the workflow of their various Organization, records and manages the transactions made by the banks’ customers to their accounts and many other flexible, virtual and secured benefits. Just like our school management software which Save Cost, Saves time of teachers and administrators, Bridge Communication Gap, Human Resource Management, Student life-cycle data, Timetable management, Fee collection, Reports and decision making including Exams Management”


“We have recently registered a new Company TJTEK DIGITAL CARDS SOLUTIONS for Virtual Credit Cards creation to use as private cards for online payments and transactions and TAP-TO-PAY cards for Supermarkets as Loyalty Cards and Transit Cards for Transportation services. This will impact so much in the eCommerce space and those that make use of the malls. The virtual cards will come very handy for them.”







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