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WeatherFor2 Makes Interior Design Sourcing Easier for Nigerians with The New Online Presence

by Newstimesafrica

WeatherFor2, an innovative and creative company with years of experience that is focused in the manufacturing, distribution and production of interior decor materials recently showcased an array of their interior decor products to the Nigerians especially to real estate practitioners and stakeholders. With the launch and unveiling of their online marketplace, the organisation made it know that the arrays of products that fits every segment of the society ranging from corporate interior decoration to private homes. WeatherFor2 has stamped their authority on the ground and positioned themselves as one of the foremost interior decorators that have eyes in domestic production thereby deepening the capacity building in the sector.

Speaking on the importance of online exhibition, marketplace  and production of some of these items in the country, Precious Tanta, the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of WeatherFor2 said that, “We can’t be affording to be importing everything. We looked at the availability of forex and we also know that we have the capacity to deliver world-class interior decor solution, we decided to produce some of these in the country. This has made us save cost and the scarce forex.”

She added that “We are geared with a complete modern, classic, elegant and sophisticated bedding that are hundred percent cotton.  The bedding collections we have on our website are made from high quality fabric with varieties of colours, patters and sizes. We also have a wide selection of curtains and blinds to suit every tase ranging from corporate to private clients. We have a carefully selected team that will assist you in making the right choice. We have in place a support group that can handle issues that might arise from purchase and installations.”

“Our designers work closely with the client so that we can create images and drawing right before you, using our robust information technology (IT) tools. We have met and surpassed design expectations of many. Over these years, we have worked with various types of professionals that can help you discover and utilise resources. Our main mission is to promote a robust interaction between the client and us” Precious concluded.

WeatherFor2 has a lot of collections both homemade and foreign to cater for the needs of clientele. Armed with years of expertise, the collections include White Luxury sheets, Roses Beddings, floral blue bedsheet set, modern sleek curtains, neutral curtains, European style curtains and many types of duvets. Not only curtains and beddings, WeatherFor2 has made their website a one stop places where top notch furniture can be gotten and also at the same time providing expert advise to clients.



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