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Why I Took A Break From Acting – Ogechi Peters

by Newstimesafrica

Ogechi Peters

Remember burgeoning Nollywood actress, Ogechi Peters who was fast becoming the industry’s screen goddess? She took a break, and this time, it’s likely she is about to make a return as a filmmaker, and slightly as an actress in films solely to be produced and directed by her.


Arguably, Peters is a talent like no other. The rising actress who before her break from Nollywood had starred in a couple of movies, including – School War, Faithful Sin, Helpless Sister, Lagos Men among others is considering a comeback.


Explaining what really took her off the stage, the fair skinned actress said she didn’t like the speed at which her career was going – as it was too fast, and she needed to take a pause.


“To be honest, I wanted to walk more with God. I didn’t really like the direction of speed I was going at. It was a great speed, but I wasn’t fully in Christ, even though I loved Him so much. Due to deep family situations, like you think you walking with God and you find out that mistakes and decisions made by parents were affecting you who didn’t have a clue at that time, but I thank God. It’s now a won battle.


“He is my El Elyon, Despite been born in a home of so many imperfections, God still had mercy on me, for He said in His word I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy on. So, He wanted more for me and I chose His path. And I am grateful to Him alone for making me listen. He saved me,” she opined.


Having carved a niche for herself in the industry, Peters  may hit a surprise return to Nollywood in a more experienced way and style.



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