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Xenophobia: Nigerians Develop Double Mind Over SA Pullouts, Hail Idea

by Newstimesafrica

Austinfair Nwaulu

Music lovers and fans of Nigerian showbiz players like pop diva Tiwa Savage, comedian Basket Mouth, Seun Kuti, Burna Boy and a host of others have commended them for being very voluminous over the xenophobic attacks and also for dumping their respective engagements in South Africa as a mark of solidarity for their brothers and sisters.

This is however coming on the heels of others who are skeptical over the veracity of their actions and insinuating that they may be mere publicity stunts to get more noticed and therefore going to be short-lived.

“you can’t trust typical Nigerian showbiz players. They are masters in bandwagon trends who change at the slightest moment especially where money or bigger publicity is involved,’’ frontline promoter, Benson Jones of Benjock Promotions, said.

He stated that some of them can do anything to be heard insisted that in the case of the aforementioned, they are very comfortable and influential enough to backslide.

“Although no one knows the terms of agreement that dictates their contract, especially financial commitment, these can always regurgitate the loss from other shows,” he observed.

Almost everybody in the entertainment industry has said one thing or the other in condemnation of the attacks since the face-off between Nigeria and South Africa began, some visibly to belong and enter the society or government of the day. deeper.

Afro beat and Crossover crooner, Burna Boy even went to the extent of swearing that his feet will never touch the former enclave again. Just like the heir apparent, Seun Kuti turned off all services with the seemingly heartless nation.

Taking a stand with victims xenophobic attacks, Tiwa cancelled her deal scheduled for September 21, saying ‘’I hate to watch the barbaric butchering of my people in SA.’’ The show was organized by Satellite TV giants, DStv.  Ditto with Basket Mouth.

The tempo keep rising by the day remained as the contending countries battle for supremacy.


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